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Ambulatory Heart Monitoring Systems | Cardiac Event Monitoring Top 100 Companies For Working FamiliesAt Medicomp, we have been advancing diagnostic cardiology since 1981. Medicomp develops, manufactures, and provides service with the most reliable and sophisticated ambulatory heart-monitoring systems in the world. Since its inception, Medicomp has been at the forefront of the cardiac telemedicine industry - pioneering technology, improving existing technologies and adding new applications.

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Medicomp’s mission is to help physicians add quality years to patients' lives.

Core Values

We are on our way to becoming the medical monitoring center to the world. We have integrated half a dozen sources of medical data across a common time axis to deliver a total patient picture faster. We are thought of as a patient safety net: an "ICU out there" and the "step down to the step down unit." We integrate seamlessly into the medical community and are virtually transparent to the patients we serve. We help manage disease so efficiently that we have been heralded as, "the way to reign in healthcare costs." Patients and healthcare providers talk about our medical apps the way teenagers talk about the best new video games, and our reach has no borders. The largest and most successful companies envy us and smaller entrepreneurial companies imitate us.

When doctors send a patient home with any kind of treatment or diagnostic device, they ask, "Is it Medicomp compatible?" Our brand is considered indispensable. We are considered technological wizards, and we are respected for driving patient compliance, maximizing clinically significant results to physicians, injecting cost effectiveness into the healthcare system, and delivering convenience to all our users and facilitators. We breathe new life into a stuffy industry, and visitors have remained impressed that we get it all accomplished in flip-flops and shorts.

Our intense customer focus compels all of our customers to be raving Medicomp fans. Physicians see Medicomp sales professionals as integral members of the treatment team. Our team is friendly and knowledgeable, and we instill confidence and security in our patients and customers by delivering customer focus with integrity, passion and unwavering ethics.

Our systems continue to be far more efficient than our competition. We continue to build and rebuild a stronger and stronger foundation on which to grow our business. We home-source many of our services so local caregivers can earn a solid living doing something they feel good about.

Our people are energized, dedicated, laser-focused, independent thinkers with strong integrity and steadfast ethics. We are linked by our quest to add quality years to patients' lives. Our passion for this quest is infectious. We are the envy of our friends and family, and we invite only the best people to join our Medicomp family. We play and have fun; we do serious work, but we don't take ourselves too seriously.

We hold each other accountable to our shared vision. Leaders have emerged from among us and with the encouragement of their co-workers have risen to heights that were once beyond their own imaginations. The lines of communication are wide open and clear. Ideas and improvements travel down as well as up through organization. We are a successful, independent company and we are well on our way to delivering an even bigger personal wealth-building punch to our employees and our shareholders than the company that mentored and incubated us. Like every good child we stood on our parent's shoulders and not beside them. We obsessively study, define and monitor our success metrics which allow us to have a highly profitable business with intelligent and fast revenue growth.

Central to Medicomp's patented technologies are state-of-the-art ambulatory electrocardiographic (ECG) devices with integrated analysis and reporting software, and on-site diagnostic systems. Medicomp has also developed advanced networks for use on hospital campuses, in metropolitan areas, and throughout the world.

In 1997, Medicomp began performing outsourced Holter services for health care providers in direct response to factors that still affect the medical industry today:

A commitment to advancing the science of patient monitoring remains a top priority at Medicomp, which means incorporating changing technologies and the capabilities of telemedicine. We invite you take a look at some of our proud Industry Firsts and learn more about our Diogenes™ algorithm.

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