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Medicomp’s propietary Diogenes algorithm is the only ambulatory cardiac monitoring technology to offer Rate, Rhythm, Morphology, and P-wave analysis. No other company’s monitors provide this same complete analysis. We know because we have the patent.

What makes Medicomp monitors truly stand out is our Diogenes algorithm, which resides on our entire line of monitors and is widely regarded as the most advanced artificial intelligence technology in the industry.

Prior to this innovative technology, ambulatory monitors relied on algorithms that could only analyze limited aspects of the ECG, therefore increasing the risk of missing significant arrhythmias.


The algorithm was named after Diogenes of Sinope, an ancient Greek philosopher who lived in the fifth century B.C. Unlike some of his contemporaries, Diogenes sought the truth, and was said to have traveled the land with a lantern "in search of an honest man." By challenging the conventional wisdom of the day with his findings, and striving to update ancient ideas, he became known as the Seeker of Truth.

Diogenes of Medicomp is the seeker of truth in the world of heartbeats. At the core of Medicomp's technology, the Diogenes algorithm uses artificial intelligence, along with digital signal processing and pattern recognition, to extract the correct and truthful classifications of abnormalities of the heart's ECG. Initially, Diogenes establishes a normal pattern for a particular patient, and continually adapts this pattern in a self-learning mode throughout the day as the ECG changes. Diogenes analyzes the ECG data both prospectively and retrospectively to identify over 40 different types of arrhythmias and ischemia.

When compared to the Gold Standards defined by the MIT and AHA databases, Diogenes earns a 99% in both accuracy and sensitivity - truly unparalleled performance. This allows analysis on full-fidelity data, prior to data compression and storage.

Medicomp has continually updated and refined the Diogenes technology for the past 25 years, utilizing information from Holter procedures performed on tens of thousands of Medicomp Holter Monitors around the world.

It is said that for all of Diogenes of Sinope's searching, his quest to find an honest man was in vain. Diogenes of Medicomp, on the other hand, has been continually successful in finding truth, and along with Medicomp, continues to challenge the conventional wisdom of the day with new scientific findings.


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