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Cardio Pal Event Monitor Products | Cardiac Event MonitorsFaster diagnosis means shortened time to treatment. With CardioPAL SAVI you can start treating arrhythmias a full week sooner. That's because CardioPAL SAVI is simply the most clinically accurate auto-capture Event Monitor available. It is specially designed to capture both symptomatic and asymptomatic arrhythmias based on rate, rhythm, morphology, and p-wave abnormalities. With the technological breakthrough of p-wave analysis, SAVI has the unique ability to automatically capture atrial arrhythmias. The CardioPAL SAVI has been described as a 30-day Holter procedure that only keeps the relevant information. This also makes it an ideal monitor for a wide range of populations including geriatric, diabetic, and pediatric patients. Perhaps most importantly, it allows the physician to catch an elusive, life-threatening event and initiate treatment earlier than other event monitors.

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