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Industry Firsts

For over 25 years Medicomp has been advancing the science of cardiac monitoring, with industry-leading innovations for the medical community.

1983 - Medicomp introduced the first solid-state, arrhythmia analysis for ambulatory patient monitoring. This Holter device also incorporated automatic selection and storage of two-channel ECG strips (normal and abnormal).

1986 - Medicomp receives patent for the Diogenes algorithm, an artificial intelligence ECG algorithm capable of analyzing rate, rhythm, and morphology.

1986 - Through the use of innovative data compression techniques, Medicomp introduced the first system capable of storing 24 entire hours of ECG data in solid-state memory.-

1990 - Epicardia 4000 is the company's flagship product, designed for large hospitals and medical centers. Both systems provide ST segment analysis, heart rate variability and pacemaker detection, and continue to evolve with the latest technologies.

1994 - Medicomp provided Holter Monitoring for the Mir Space Station becoming the first Holter in outer space.

1996 - Medicomp designed and installed the first large scale point-to-point digital Holter network, across 27 locations, resulting in significant time and cost savings over traditional routing methods.

1997 - Medicomp opens its Cardiac Monitoring Center to deliver Holter monitoring services nationwide over normal telephone lines, with guaranteed 24hr turnaround time.

1998 - Medicomp's CardioPAL was introduced as the first Event Monitor capable of both real-time and continuous looping ECG monitoring.

2000 - Provided Holter monitors for use on the International Space Station.

2004 - The launch of the CardioPAL AI introduces the first Event Monitor with a full-fledged Holter algorithm on-board to auto-capture based on rate, rhythm and morphology.

2005 - CardioPAL SAVI is the first Event Monitor with p-wave analysis for the detection of atrial arrhythmias.

2006 - Medicomp is awarded the Premier, Inc. group purchasing contract.

2006 - Introduction of patent pending Finger Electrode Adapter, which allows patients to conveniently take real-time event strips using their finger tips.

2007 - Introduced industry first AF Burden statistical package on an intelligent event monitor.

2009 - Medicomp receives FDA clearance for its Beacon patient management system.

2009 - Medicomp is awarded the cardiac monitoring contract for the multinational CABANA clinical trial researching atrial fibrillation.

2010 - Launched SAVI Wireless, the first Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) system capable of analyzing rate, rhythm, morphology, and p-wave abnormalities.

2010 - Medicomp’s Arrhythmia Access™ iPhone app is approved by Apple and launched on the app store, allowing physicians to view cardiac reports on their iPhone or iPod touch.

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