Medicomp - advancing diagnostic cardiology

Medicomp is proud to be one of the very few healthcare providers willing to navigate the insurance industry's often perplexing inner dealings on behalf of the patient.


Cardiac Event Monitoring | Mobile Heart MonitorMedicomp provides support in assessing patient needs, determining eligibility, and coordinating services.

Medicomp continually strives to control costs by offering a competitive pricing structure for products and services and, as a result, does not hesitate to confront questionable insurance determinations to ensure that each patient receives full advantage of their healthcare benefits.

For example, when an insurance company denies or "low pays" a claim, other providers routinely balance-bill the patient and then direct the patient to resolve the questionable determination with the insurance carrier. Rather than placing the burden on the patient, however, Medicomp will resolve these determinations by exercising our vast managed-care experience to generate the most favorable reimbursement. When Medicomp files an appeal for questionable denials and "low pays", the patient receives notification of the appeal and is kept apprised of any appeal decision. In addition, Medicomp always accepts the insurance allowable and never balance bills patients for anything other than applicable co-payments and deductibles.

Through our strong commitment to fair billing practices, in combination with our unrelenting dedication to offering only the most accommodating service, Medicomp continues to be the recognized leader in supporting and improving patient care.

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