Troubleshoot False Heart Rate Monitor Readings

All too often, runners that wear heart rate monitors have problems with their devices telling them an inaccurate beats per minute (BPM) number. It may seem like nothing major at first, but eventually the monitor could be telling one that their heart rate has surpassed 190 BPM. Typically, activity on the monitor will show regular […]

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Australian Cardiologist Uses 3D Printing to Help with Surgery

As technology has grown and mobile cardiac monitors are being used more often, doctors have come to realize that there are some areas of medicine that have only begun to reach their true potential. In the case of 3D printing, doctors have been able to make unique producible solutions for many problems. Yet, as […]

Stress and its Effects on the Heart

Stress comes naturally to everyone, but it is not wise to ignore it just because it’s common. High blood pressure, chest pains, and heart disease are among many physical problems that can result from stress. Even though there aren’t any definitive reasons how stress makes heart disease more prevalent, there are many issues that lead […]

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New Advice for Runners and Drugs for Heart Health

Recently, the FDA has issued a statement to warn runners about non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as over-the-counter ibuprofen. Another report proposes how taking aspirin before a marathon could decrease the risk of heart attacks for marathon runners in older men.

In order to decrease the chances of having musculoskeletal pains, runners will often take NSAIDs. […]

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New Bandage to Help with Post-Device Implantation

Prevention of the formation of hematomas has been difficult for electrophysiologists and other professionals after the implantation of ambulatory cardiac monitors, especially those patients that use antiplatelet agents with cardiovascular diseases. In order to avoid the formation of a hematoma, great care must be taken after surgery to make sure the wound properly heals. […]

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The Importance of MCT

The continuous attention of ambulatory cardiac monitoring in near real-time is MCT (mobile cardiac telemetry). Through MCT, an ambulatory cardiac monitoring service can observe patients at their homes and while they’re out doing daily functions, even sleeping. The mobile cardiac monitored information is relayed to a site location where a patient’s ECG (electrocardiogram) can […]

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Take a Tour of the Heart

We all know the human heart helps pump blood throughout our bodies, but there are some components involved in the heart that most people don’t know about. The more we learn about something, the better we can understand. The University of Tokyo created a virtual simulation of the heart and its function.