Medicomp’s Role in Clinical Trials for the Advancement of Heart Monitoring

For years, Medicomp has been on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to mobile cardiac monitors. From Holter monitors to smart phone connected telemetry, our dedication to improving physician to patient care drives our continued efforts to create the next innovation in heart monitoring.

As lead innovators in the heart monitoring industry, Medicomp […]

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Heart Healthy Diet While Eating Out

Going out to eat can be a good way to relax and spend time with friends and family while taking a break from cooking your own food. Despite the seemingly endless assortment of delicious dishes, it is important that we do not forget about choosing a dish that will treat our hearts as well as […]

Your Heart Will Thank You: Top Heart Healthy Oils, Fish, and Cheese

The foods we eat affect how our bodies feel. When we choose to eat foods that are high in salts, sugars, and fats on a regular basis, our bodies will feel unhealthy over time. On the other hand, making the decision to eat wholesome foods will make our bodies feel wonderful. The Mediterranean diet is […]

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Understanding Heart Failure

When the heart functions properly, it pumps a healthy supply of blood throughout our bodies. Blood coming from the organs enters the first chambers before being sent to the lungs to get oxygen. The blood then comes back into the final chambers of the heart before being sent through the body again.

Heart failure occurs when […]

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Medicomp Announces the Launch of Their New Website

Medicomp, which develops, manufactures, and provides cardiac services with the most reliable and sophisticated ambulatory heart-monitoring systems in the world, has recently announced the introduction of their new website. The company has designed the site to help cardiac patients, doctors, nurses and other clinicians have the information they need with just the click of a […]

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Weight Loss Reduces AF Burden

Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in America, and obesity is one of the major factors contributing to this statistic. About 2 out of 3 Americans are considered overweight or obese. A common heart related problem that appears in obese people is atrial fibrillation, an abnormal fluttering in the heart’s […]

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Heart Arrhythmia in Athletes

We are  told by our doctors that exercise is one of the essential components of living a heart healthy lifestyle. The heart is made up of muscles, and like all other muscles in our body, the more we train it, the stronger it gets. When our hearts become stronger, they require less beats to effectively […]

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The Difference in Heart Monitoring Devices…in Layman’s Terms

Cardiac monitoring technology has come a long way over the past few decades. Patients used to stay in the hospital overnight, hooked up to a bulky machine to record the heart’s activities. Now, heart monitors come in pocket sizes and let patients go about their daily activities.

Each ambulatory cardiac monitoring device has features that […]

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What to Expect While Using a Holter or Event Monitor

If you have ever felt a jump or sudden stall in the rhythm of your heart, you may have experienced what is known as an arrhythmia. Millions of Americans experience these little hiccups every year with no harmful side effects. However, if you feel the symptoms of an arrhythmia often and for long periods of […]

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Medicomp Introduces a Patch-Style Medical Monitoring System

Medicomp, Inc. has always been at the forefront of innovation in medical technology. Every step forward has brought forth more convenience, efficiency, and quality health care to patients. Now Medicomp, Inc. is proud to announce the pending release of their latest industry leading patch-style cardiac event recorder system.

The new system will offer patients their […]